This firm is not a CPA firm
This firm is not a CPA firm
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Our Approach

Your Business Sherpa offers two hours of interactive Q&A each day

Check out our calendar for a list of upcoming sessions.

We're like a yoga school for small businesses and start-ups!

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We offer about 40 hours
of interactive Q&A each month -
relief from your biggest pain points:

• Getting Ready to Launch
• Setting Up Your Business Systems
• Using Your Business Systems
• Closing the Books

• Cash Flow Planning
• Funding Sources
• And more...

Featuring Zoho One

QuickBooks Online & Xero coming in 2021

Sessions are delivered through Zoom and follow this format:

First 15 Minutes

Sherpa Spotlight for Client #1

Second 15 Minutes

Sherpa Spotlight for Client #2 

(or continue with Client #1’s question if it requires more in-depth discussion)

Last 30 Minutes

Open Q&A from participants based on a first come, first serve basis

• Some have compared our approach to a yoga school. Each session focuses on a particular type of yoga (or topic) with instructors modeling poses (or concepts) based on specific member questions. Participants are encouraged to ask follow-up questions to confirm their pose.

• Members who wish to be in the “Sherpa Spotlight” can submit requests beforehand. If no member wants to be in the spotlight during a session, the Sherpa will pick a popular topic to discuss.

• All members have access to a calendar of Sherpa sessions for the upcoming month – along with Spotlight questions when they become available. Sherpa sessions are scheduled at various times throughout the day and week to enable participation from people with a wide variety of schedules.

• Members can quietly join or leave any session at any point. If a member is not available to attend a session, a video recording of the full session will be available within a couple of days. In other words, members can decide what level of involvement is best based on their interest and availability. Also, our online members forum is available for further Q&A and feedback.