This firm is not a CPA firm
This firm is not a CPA firm
We are affiliated with Ann M Jagert CPA, PLLC

Ann Jagert is Chief Sherpa

Over the years, Ann has helped hundreds of clients, from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, integrate smart technology with best practices in financial management.

Besides serving as Chief Sherpa guide at Your Business Sherpa, Ann also runs a CPA firm in Texas (Ann M Jagert CPA, PLLC) and a Virtual CFO/Controller practice (Breakthrough Solutions, Inc.).

Clients often say she is not a typical accountant because of her emphasis on education and self-empowerment.  She loves helping business owners become better financial stewards.  Financial stewardship represents the care, planning, attention, upkeep, and management of financial resources and choices.

Besides geeking out on the ABC’s (Accounting, Business Systems, Cash Management), Ann has a love for international travel, culture, and cuisine.  She has visited Nepal twice and finds stories about Sherpa culture fascinating. 

Sherpas come from tribe in Nepal whose custom is to provide courageous mountain guides to outsiders. To the Sherpa, all Himalayan peaks are sacred, so every tour holds ethical and religious meaning.  Westerners picked up on this and use Sherpa to mean an assistant who knows more than the boss.

Ann and her team understand starting a business can be a profound journey for the owner.  We are your trusted guides for scaling the financial side of the mountain with more than 10 years experience with Zoho products and four years as a Zoho Finance partner.


Timm Ryan-Young

Timm Ryan-Young has worked in the CRM space for 29 years and he has implemented thousands of CRM solutions across dozens of industries.

He is committed to solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and businesses having the systems in place to support sustained growth and a better quality of life. His clients have seen significant growth in revenue leveraging automation that allows for more time to focus on what is important to them.