This firm is not a CPA firm
This firm is not a CPA firm
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Do you offer a trial program?

Yes, you (or your employee) can experience 14 days of Sherpa sessions for free.  If you decide to continue, the monthly fee is $149 per user.

The trial program is risk-free.  If you do not cancel before your 14 day trail period, you will be charged the monthly subscription fee.

Paid members also have access to a member portal with a calendar of events, video library, and forum.

New members are welcome to join any time!

What kind of businesses get the most value from the program? is for business owners who prefer a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach.  We provide the financial management know-how that most small business owners lack.

Typically, businesses with less than $500K in sales and 5 employees are a better fit for the program.  If your business is larger (or a new start-up expecting high growth soon), you may still find the program helpful.   Business owners can get answers to many important questions through virtual group coaching – and then determine if a dedicated consultant is required for more complicated business processes (such as inventory management and eCommerce) or integration with third party systems.

Clients who come to us with messed up books may also require a dedicated consultant to clean-up the books and recommend better processes going forward.

If your business requires attention from a dedicated consultant, we can provide the expertise you need.  Please see our Services page for details.

Finally, we offer rebates on future membership fees for clients who need assistance from one our dedicated consultants:

·  3 hours of consulting services in one month = A full credit towards next month’s subscription

·  $3000 of consulting services in one year = A full credit towards the next twelve month’s subscription

What software do you support?

We currently support Zoho One.  See for more details about the “operating system for business.”

If you use QuickBooks Online or Xero, please keep us in mind for next year.  We plan on supporting these systems too.

Zoho Support is free. Why do I need

Most Zoho Support technicians know how to use the software in a mechanical way.  They may not understand much about finance or launching a business.  Since most business owners don’t know much about accounting, it’s like the blind leading the blind!

We can help you connect the dots between systems, bookkeeping, taxes – and use your software to manage your business more effectively. 

What kind of questions can you answer?

Here are some same popular session topics:


  • Getting Ready

    • Selecting Your Business Entity

      • What kind do you have – or should you have?

      • How will this impact your taxes and bookkeeping?

    • Preparing to Transact Business

      • Bank Accounts, Credit Card, and Merchant Accounts

      • Business Licenses & Registrations

      • Selecting Your Business System

      • Paying Owners, Employees, and Contractors

      • Legal Considerations

  • Taxes

    • What kind of taxes are paid by or passed through your business? 

      • Sales and Use Taxes

      • Payroll Taxes

      • Income Taxes

    • How will your personal taxes be impacted by your business?

    • How much should you save for taxes?

  • Bookkeeping

    • How do you setup your system and migrate data?

    • How do you do proper bookkeeping, which includes:

      • Categorizing or Matching Banking Transactions

      • Reconciling Banking Transactions

      • Invoice Customers and Managing Receivables

      • Paying Vendors and Managing Payables

      • Controlling Inventory

    • How do you close your books at month-end?

    • How do you sanity check your financial statements?​

  • Planning

    • How do you setup and use budgets?

    • How do you build a sales forecast and cash plan?

    • How do you establish and measure KPI’s?

  • Funding

    • What funding sources are available to small businesses?

    • How do you prepare your financials for banks and potential investors?

  • Special Topics 

    • PPP Funding

    • Zoho CRM

    • Zoho Projects

    • Zoho Desk

    • Digital Marketing

Do you offer any other services for my business?

Yes, we provide bookkeeping "sanity checks" for an extra $120 per month.  You can work with dedicated bookkeeper to review your books up to four times a year.  Instead of waiting for your accountant to tell you something is wrong at tax time, you can learn as you go - and avoid time-consuming or costly fixes.

We also prepare tax returns for businesses and their owners.

(Please note we do not provide TurboTax coaching.  Please consult Intuit for DIY tax prep).

Finally, we have consultants who can help with bookkeeping clean-up, system consulting, tax planning, and even CFO services. 

Please see our Pricing page for more details.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes.  If you cancel before the trial membership runs out, you will receive a full refund.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.  If you cancel after a subscription month starts, you will be charged for that month, though.