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Zoho Meets IKEA

25.12.20 10:37 PM By Ann Jagert

Zoho Meets IKEA

In an earlier post, I made the case for Zoho One (as opposed to QuickBooks).


A couple years ago, I migrated my entire business to Zoho One and did an IKEA remodel. 


For the business, this meant switching to Zoho Books, adding Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects, continuing with Zoho Mail, and building our first website in Zoho Sites. 


For my home, this meant knocking out retro cabinets installed in 1979 and replacing them with a cool modular system from IKEA. 


One reviewer beautifully summarized the pros and cons of switching to IKEA (which also matched my experience with Zoho):



  • Affordable

  • Good Selection

  • Extra Features



  • Logistics are complicated

  • It takes longer (than ordering a custom solution)

  • Not high quality (especially when new software functionality is launched)

  • They're not custom (but still have to be customized to your particular needs)


Since I had no home remodeling experience, I hired an IKEA expert to create my dream kitchen. For Zoho, I chose a DIY approach (which wasn't a big stretch given my background). In both cases, the results were wonderful.


If you find switching to Zoho One a bit of a challenge, give us a call! We love helping clients create beautiful businesses through smart systems.